Artist & Label Services

How do this work?

I can provide bespoke artist and campaign services to artists, bands, producers, record labels and DJs. I provide a tailor-made service to each of my clients, whether label, artist, manager, or music-related brand. Some call this a ‘virtual label service’, or ‘product management’, but I prefer to call myself an Artist Development and Campaign Management expert as I am able to look after every aspect of a project from recording to distribution. My campaigns are based on the individual needs of the campaign and are geared to maximising profit and profile.


What makes me different?

I recognise that every project is unique and requires special attention and have over a decade of experience in the industry and can create a campaign tailored to your requirements. I am also a music lovers who is not afraid of telling it like it is to get the very best out of my clients and their campaigns


My services include:

Creative Direction – I have address books full of photographers, video-makers, website builders and designers to fit every budget.
Branding – a brand is absolutely crucial these days to help you stand out from the crowd. I can work alongside you to create and implement your brand and ensure the consistency of it.
Marketing – I can produce you a promo plan that covers everything from strategy to implementation, budget and timing. These are all vital parts of any campaign.
Team – it is my business to know all the PRs, pluggers, and online specialists and can assemble and run the best teams to fit the artist / band, strategy and budget.
Digital – I am a WordPress Designer and have a diploma in Digital Marketing. I can create a website and a bespoke Social Media service and can offer full digital strategy covering all your needs online.
Touring – Having toured with many different acts across the World, I can deal with all your tour management admin including the creation of stage plans and riders as well as all advancing.
Admin – all the behind the scenes “grunt work”– I take care of that too.